Transparent armor for the defense industry.

High transparent armoring levels.

Transparent protection against ballistics, blast fragments, and explosions to keep defense personnel safe during military operations. Crystal company supplies ballistic glass for military vehicles that are deployed for various purposes. Hence, our ballistic windows are produced to withstand severe ballistic force. 

Military - Crystal Company
Military - Crystal Company

Consistent ballistic testing.

Ballistic screens for side windows, windscreens, and goggle applications of armored vehicles are all available from NATO STANAG 4569 Level 1 to 4. We can manufacture the screens for bent and flat applications that are highly transparent and of exceptional optical quality.  

The optics are splendid and tested in accordance with DIN 52305. The Night vision goggles that we supply ballistic glass for are at extremely high transparency of on average 85%, depending on the protection level.  

The ballistic screens can be upgraded to support the military purposes of the vehicle and the vision of the window itself. Examples of technical upgrades are heating with transparent coating or with tungsten wires for de-fogging, framing for correct fitting, EMI-shielding with attenuation on several frequencies, and gunports to counterstrike. 

Broad technical possibilities.

Our transparent armor for military vehicles is supplied with consistent quality under our brand Crystal Armor. With Crystal Company, you can expect your ballistic glass at fast development and quick processing. Visit our Crystal Armor page to learn more about armoring and technical possibilities of ballistic glazing for your vehicles. 

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