Marine & NAVY

Ballistic and Safety glass for vessels.

Safe and functional ship windows.

For overseas transports, defense missions or cruises, no ship window should mean a risk for the overall vessel and its occupants. Crystal company manufactures safety and ballistic glass for the marine industry to sail with glass that is light, strong and safe.  

Marine & navy - Crystal Company

Clear optics and finishing.

Ship windows for private and commercial vessels are made at high optical quality and with heating according to ISO 3434. Safety against force is provided with our ISO 614 certified glass, to take high pressure to resist powerful waves. Crystal Company can heat your ship windows up to 20 W/dm² and voltages up to 440V, with terminal boxes and controllers for the regulation of temperatures.  

Other examples of our ship window features are EMI-shielding with up to 45dB attenuation. We can offer fire resistance for classes A0, A30, A60 and A90. Ship windows are also possible to be supplied in frames. 

High ballistic strength.

For ships that need to be armored such as offshore patrol vessels, coast guards, and navy battle ships, we make bullet-resistant glass to withstand ballistic force according to our certifications of NATO STANAG 4569 and EN 1063. These can be in non-splinter protection with a salt water-resistant coating. Visit Crystal Armor to learn more about armoring with ballistic windows and the technical possibilities. 

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