heated glazing


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Crystal Comfort

Heated glazing

At low temperatures or condensation is CRYSTAL COMFORT™ heated Glass offering an guarantee for complete transparency.


With the application of very thin Tungsten wires into the layers, an electric resistance is created. With voltages between 12 and 440 (depends of the use of the glazing), it is possible to fulfi ll the required heating power. This is possible for glass laminates but also laminates of glass and plastics and plastics laminates, such as acrylic or polycarbonate.


With this system one of the glass layers has a ultra thin, highly transparent layer of indium tin oxide coating. This coating is the resistant fi eld, whereby from 24 volt to 220 Volt the glass can perfectly be heated. This is only possible with rectangular shapes. This in contradiction to the wired system.

Crystal Comfort Crystal Comfort Crystal Comfort Crystal Comfort

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