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Crystal Safe

break-through resistant glazing

Crystal safe

This type of glazing is being used in architectural, automotive and yacht applications. CRYSTAL SAFE composites guarantee protection against break-through by burglary or vandalism. A variety of layers glass, plastic foils and polycarbonate is being composed to meet the requirements of the application. Extra advantages of the CRYSTAL SAFE products are its thermal and acoustic isolation value.

Security glazing

Security glazing distinguishes itself from safety glass. Whereas safety glass draws its limits, security glazing takes over. Safetyglass is to prevent injuries to persons and damage to objects after external attack. Crystal safeSecurity glazing is built of several layers of glass combined with thin layers of plastic foils and polycarbonate sheet(s).

Security Level

The security level of the product is being determined by the composite of the layers, the quality of the material and the production method. Properties of well produced security glass products are an excellent mechanical strength and high transparency.

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