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Ballistic glass for all your protection purposes

Glass with ballistic protection

Ballistic glass provides protection against any form of ballistic threat to keep people safe. To make ballistic glass, transparent materials are laminated to obtain the necessary armoring strength of the glass. Next to protection, ballistic glass can feature abundant properties, for technical or aesthetical properties. Shapes and dimensions, curved or flat, are all possible with laminating glass. 

Whereas glass provides vision to people, it does as well expose them to combat aims. Crystal Armor does not allow glass to be the weakest link of the construction, vehicle, or ship, as tested in shooting ranges and proven in the field. Our ballistic glass is certified for abundant protection purposes, and has armored buildings, vehicles, ships, and any application thinkable in need of protection. 

We design and manufacture Crystal Armor custom-made to protect your application as flat and curved windows. 

Ballistic Glass protection Purposes

Ballistic glass can find purpuse for virtually any application that demands ballistic threat relief and vision. The objective of the glass can be either to exclusively stop the bullet from penetrating (low spall), or to also stop collateral splintering (no spall). Mostly, it is installed to protect humans, but also to repel the robbery of valuables to be protected inside. Balllistic glass armors vehicles, buildings, vessels, or any other application where protection is provided against various calibers of ballistic projectiles, or blasts and explosions. 

Ballistic glass has many synonyms used in the industry. It is also called bullet-resistant glass, armored glass, or transparent armor. Ironically, the most popular name given to this product, Bullet-proof glass, in reality does not exist. Nevertheless, the stronger variants of ballistic glass easily potect against AK-47’s assault rifles, Dragonov Sniper rifles, and heavy caliber machine guns. The protective properties even extend if the glass can endure extreme temperatures while still withstanding calibers against its designated protection level.   

To supplement armor to your project with high availability, our elaborate collection of product designs and certifications can speed up your project. Crystal Armor has been entrusted the security and armoring of hundreds of types of military and civilian applications. It has reached widespread armoring for constructions, as the European Parliament, to Armored Personnel Carriers and Cash-in-Transit vehicles, to navy offshore patrol vessels.


When it comes to the strength of bullet resistant glass, the sky is the limit.

Crystal Company has developed its own formulas of transparent materials and processing techniques to ensure ballistic strength and glass laminating quality.

After years of developing, we obtained the best glazing results. Crystal Armor is the outcome of technology that meets accuracy of techniques, attentive quality control and choice of materials. 

The lifetime of the laminated glass and the uncompromised optical clarity is paramount and evident. WIth an international reputation for its leading strength and quality, Crystal Armor is deployed worldwide.

Crystal Armor is available in Bullet-resistance classes:

  • NEN-EN 1063 BR 1-7 (NS)
  • NATO-4569 STANAG 1-4
  • VPAM 2006 L 1-14
NATO - STANAG shooting test

Thickness of bullet resistant glass

The objective is to make bullet-resistant glass as thin as possible. To qualify as protection in diverse resistance levels, various glass thicknesses are necessary. These levels are based on certain ammunitions, shooting distance, amount of shots and other conditions. Minimizing the thickness saves weight, and maintains high appearance of glass transparency, and makes room for extended armoring.

Crystal Armor is tested in a high range of threat levels, ammunitions and calibers. The thickness and areal density (weight) of our ballistic glass is achieved at outstanding standards. Amidst military purposes our glass also performs in extreme temperatures.


Across military and civil protection levels, our ballistic glass is available in composites of either glass-polycarbonate or full-glass. Consult the thickness of Crystal Armor in the ballistic charts.

Features for Crystal Armor

Crystal Armor can be upgraded with technical features. A combination of ballistic glass and additional solutions provides combined solutions of bullet resistance with heating to povide comfort in tough weather, fitting supports, additional safety, or other technical possibilities. More technologies or a mix of various solutions are also possible on request.


Heated ballistic glass on the outer or interlayers for de-icing or defogging. Choose between Tungsten wires or transparent invisible coating.


Heavy-duty gunports fitted into the glasses to enable counterstrikes whilst remaining guarded by Crystal Armor.


Glasses are sealed in ballistic frames for convenient mounting of your ballistic windows.


Performs attenuation on several frequencies with an invisible specially developed coating between the glass layers.

Acoustic absorption

The composite materials of Crystal Armor have the properties to reduce the acoustics coming through the windows.


The outer glass layer of ballistic windows can be treated with an Anti-reflection layer that helps avoid the detection of a vehicle and reduces disturbing images.


Interlayers with opaqueness or color can be applied to reduce the transparency, help camouflage or to imitate brightness.


The outer layer can be replaced by a scratch resistant ply at higher toughness than glass.


Crystal Company guarantees the product quality of Crystal Armor with 3 years of warranty, which can be extended on request to 4 and to 5 years.

Industries that use crystal armour


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