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Manufactures safety and security glazing with the finest quality and the best service. Dedicated to saving humans and securing valuables under threat.

OUR Vision

To deliver the best service and be acknowledged for the best quality of security glazing at any standard by the defense and public industry, worldwide.

Our mission

Aimed at the highest quality, Crystal Company continuously develops its transparent technologies to extend technical possibilities, product lifecycles, optics, and weight and thickness reductions in all protection levels. We engineer and co-develop with our customers with fast processing to provide the most flexible service.

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Extensive Armoring possibilities

we are crystal company

Crystal Company entered the security glazing market in 1995 to exceed the existing glazing quality. As the product expanded worldwide, we answered the rising demand for bullet-resistant glass. Upon success, we developed our transparent armor with higher protection, more technical features, longer lifespans, and weight and thickness reductions. Nowadays, we have protected people against violence in the military and the civilian market. While we have the skill and machinery to armor any application, both our service and factory are aimed to be flexible – to allow us to supply at a surprising speed. 

crystal company

With more than 25 years of experience, we take on the world with our elaborated collection of certifications and product designs. We consider any new project of our customers an opportunity that deserves our personal assistance. While our intellectual properties enable us to armor any application, we excel in flexibility, speed, and tailored service. 

Reliable and fast delivery terms

Our collection of existing designs, fast engineering, and closeness to Rotterdam main port surprisingly speed up your lead time. 

Flexible, high-capacity production

Our 7000 m² production space equipped with modern machinery is fit for both small and large batches. We can flexibly plan and process your order.  

Personal Assistance

For your new developments, we can assist you with advice and tailored glazing

Favorable warranties

Our standard warranty is 3 years, with options to extend to 4 or 5 years.

our solutions

Technical Features

Your safety or ballistic glazing can be an upgraded laminate with heating or other various features. Our solutions pages tell you more about possibilities. 

Long lifetime

Whereas sometimes untraceable, other evident cases show us 17 years of stable quality of our transparent armor.   

Certified Armor 

Our collection of certified resistance classes is broad with laminates at competitive thicknesses.  

Product quality

Under glazing quality, we understand design, optics, resistance, lifecycle and thickness. The features coming along deserve the same care. 

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